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Set Up Your Dymo Label Printers in Windows in Three Simple Steps

Whether you are small business or the one requiring label printing in large quantity, it is important to ensure that your dymo printer is correctly set up for quality prints.  This guide will tell you how to set up your Dymo Label Writer printer in windows in simple and easy steps.

But before that make sure you have plugged in and powered on the printer, installed the driver.

Dymo compatible Lebels

Many times, the driver that comes with the printer is an older version. This can also be factor affective the quality and cost of prints. So if you have the older version, check the manufacturer’s site for the latest one.

Now it is time to go the process of setting up the Dymo printer in windows. So let us get started with the first thing first.

Get dymo compatible labels

This is the very first thing you should do for setting up your dymo label writers. If you have not got the one, buy your Dymo Compatible Labels here or search with local suppers offering label prints solutions. At Labels123.net or labelsfast.us, you can buy dymo labels online at the best price as well as labels of other brands.

Configure the printer driver

Once you have the best version of the driver installed and you have got the best damo compatible labels for you, you now need to open your list of printers in your Control Panel. You can find the Devices and Printers windows start menu. You can also find your printers in your Control Panel list.

Right click on your Dymo printer and go to Printer Properties to start. Go to preferences in case of Windows XP. It is recommended to leave the settings you see alone. All you need to do is just follow you are guided by and you are done with the setting.

Do a test before start printing

Once you have done with the setting, you are ready to go for printing.  But before actual printing, run a prints test of see if the quality of print is ok.

It is easy to do. If everything is done, from label loading, driver installation to configuration, you can go to Products > Products and click on the Print Barcodes button. Select your label size and then search for a product. At the bottom, you can find the Print Preview button. Click it to see how the final output would be.