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Shipping Policy

Upon receipt of your order, you will be notified promptly be email that your order was received followed by a second email notifying you that your product has been shipped. You will also receive notification via email/phone/fax of any questions/problems with the processing of your order. Order are shipped Monday – Friday. All orders received before 11am EST will be shipped the same day.

Shipments are sent by FEDEX/USPS by the method requested by you on your order entry form. In compliance with our Confidentiality & Privacy Policy, packages are shipped in unmarked brown boxes.
All orders are shipped in one of the following ways:

We take steps to assure & guarantee that shipments arrive in proper condition at the receiving point of the customers. Products damaged in transit will be replaced at no extra charge provided you have notified the shipping carrier of damages immediately upon receipt of the shipment.

You also need to send an e-mail report to us within three (3) BUSINESS DAYS following receipt of damaged shipment. Your e-mail report should include your purchase order number, invoice number, shipping date, and a brief description of the damage