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How to Load a Roll of Dymo Compatible Labels into Dymo Label Writer

Loading roll of Dymo compatible labels into your Dymo Label Writer desktop label printer is an easy but tricky task. Once you go through the following straightforward steps and important tips, loading label rolls into the printer would not be an issue anymore. So, let’s check out.

Step 1: 

First of all, take the spool in your hand and pull apart. The spindle part of the spool should be in your left hand.

Step 2:

Now, pick up the Dymo compatible label roll with your right hand and position it near the spool.


  • Check the notches on spool base. Ensure that notches are firmly inserted into the label’s cardboard core while sliding the roll.
  • Check the position of the roll to ensure that the perforation between each label is on your left side. The placement should be in such a way that when you look at the labels, the backside of the label should be exposed rather than the part of the labels to be printed. ]

Step 3:

Keeping in mind the above tips, carefully slide the label roll on the spool and push firmly so that notches on the base of spool enter the core of the labels. No gap should be left between the roll of the labels and the base of the spool.

Step 4:

After inserting roll on the spool, pick the other piece of the spool and slide it down the spindle with due attention. Just like in the third step, you need to ensure that notches enter cardboard core of the labels. Now, check if the spool is clamping down tightly on the label rolls. If not, clamp down the spool tightly so that there is no gap or space left.

Step 5:

Insert the spool in the Label Writer by ensuring that the spool is justified left (when looking from the front) and clamping down the roll tightly.


  • The perforation between each label should be on the left side.
  • Back of the label should face upward.
  • Any other configuration suggests that the labels are not inserted properly in the spool. ]

Step 6: 

Now, feed the label through the slot properly in the downward direction. If Label Writer is not grabbing a hold of the first label while feeding it through, simply press the form feed button.

Step 7:

Before printing labels, double check if the labels are loaded accurately and the Label Writer form feeds one label at a time. If everything is aligned properly, it means that your Label Writer is ready for use.

Once your label printer is ready, you can use Dymo compatible labels for all general purpose labeling applications including shipping labels and postage labels.