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How to Increase the Lifespan of Your Dymo Label Writer

A Dymo Label Writer prints 2 million inches of thermal labels, which means it can print 500,000 standard address labels spanning its entire life. To put simply, if you print 20 address labels a day, every day of the year, your dymo label printer would last as long as 68 years with no wear.

But this does not mean it will, for sure last that long even you use the wrong way. The lifespan of your printer will depend on how it is used and maintained.  To make your printer dymo printer last long as work properly, you should do the following things.

Dymo Labels

Use the cleaning card regularly

Every Dymo Label Writer comes with a cleaning card. Use this card after every couple of rolls in order to dirt and debris from your printer.

Load the labels properly

Loading the labels improperly can cause damage to your printer. There are instructions given with printer or you can also learn about how to load dymo label printers online.  Make sure there is no adhesive as that could get stuck on the feed roller.

Don’t fix jams with metal

Note that you never use anything metal inside the printer when cleaning or removing jams. Instead to remove jams, you should use either a pair of plastic tweezers or a Q-tip and some WD-40 to remove the adhesive. Keep in mind you never use metal or you will risk damaging the printer.

Don’t use for high volume printing

Dymo printers are meant for office use, not for commercial or high volume printing.  If you’re printing thousands of labels each week, there are many other printers for high volume printing and that you should look for the one best suited you.

Use quality labels

You should use high quality labels that are made for the model of your dymo label printer. If you are looking to buy dymo shipping labels online, read the website reviews before you decide to purchase. Never use cheap labels with poor quality materials as that will damage your printer and will also reduce the life span of the print head.

The worst thing about the dymo label printer is that you can replace only the spool. So if the print head goes bad as a result of poor quality labels, you will have to buy a new printer. You can get it fixed. So it is crucial that you use your dymo printer very carefully. And use only high quality labels perfect for your printer. You can buy high dymo shipping labels online in USA with Labels123.net or LABELSFAST.us.