Home :: Why Is My Dymo Printer Not Printing Clear Labels?

No matter if you are using compatible Dymo 30324 labels to organize diskettes and CDs, print name tags, or create a filing system, if the Dymo label writer is not printing clearly, it will only ruin your experience with organizing and identifying things even when they are labeled.

If your Dymo printer is also not printing clearly, it can be because of several reasons. Here is an easy way to fix your printing problem. Follow the below steps and see if it works for you or not. In the end, we will also share some tips below.

  • • Switch on your Dymo printer, set up your label roll, and press the label feed button on the Dymo printer. See if it feeds more than one label.
  • • If it feeds more than one label at a time, please recheck if the labels are properly installed and the sensor is clear of any dirt and debris.
  • • Again, press the label feed button. If it still feeds more than one label, please run the Dymo cleaning card through your printer.
  • • If your printer feeds only one label at a time, go to the computer to which Dymo printer is connected.
  • • Open the Control Panel and go to Devices and Printers.
  • • Locate your Dymo printer from which you are printing labels and right click on it.
  • • Click on Printer Properties. Navigate to the General Tab and Click on Printing Preferences.
  • • Set to Landscape orientation and click OK.
  • • Now, click Advanced. If you are printing Rx labels, please change to 30324 diskette labels. If you are printing address or chart labels, select 30252 address labels (the label you have inserted).
  • • Click OK.
  • • Again, go to Advanced tab and click on Printing Defaults in the left bottom corner.
  • • Select the Landscape orientation. Go to Advanced. If printing Rx labels, change label to 30324 diskette labels. If printing address labels, then change to 30252 address labels.
  • • Click OK, then Apply, and OK until you return to the printer window.
  • • Close the window and try printing again.

Barcodes Looking Blurry? Follow These Steps

  • If you find the printed bar codes to be blurry or smudged or they are not scanning, you can try the below steps:
  • • In your Windows system, go to Control Panel and click View Devices and Printers.
  • • Right click on the Dymo Printer and go to Printing Preferences.
  • • Go to Paper/Quality tab and click Advanced.
  • • Switch the Print Density to Light and then click OK.
  • • Refresh and then reprint your labels.

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