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Why are Brother Continuous Labels Perfect for Shipping?

If you’re running an e-commerce business, then shipping your products can be difficult. Not only do you have to carefully pack and label each individual package, but sometimes you also have to find ways to prevent each item from being damaged in transit.

To help you with this task, Brother continuous labels can be used in almost any shipping environment, including those that are dusty or dirty. In addition to keeping your products safe, these labels will also help ensure that your items get delivered efficiently and safely.

This article explores the many benefits of using Brother continuous labels in your e-commerce business.

Ideal for high speed continuous printing

Brother Continuous Labels are perfect for shipping because they allow you to print at high speeds with less chance of jams. Brothers labels also ensures your label will never run out in the middle of a task and can be easily replenished when they do. As an added bonus, Brother labels adhere to a variety of surfaces including tapes, boxes, and other containers.

Tear resistant features

Brother continuous labels are perfect when it comes to shipping because they resist tears better than other labels. That means that once you’ve put them in a box or envelope, they will stay there until you’re ready to take them off again, even if they’re exposed to extreme temperatures or rough handling. This also means that the items won’t get damaged or lost in transit due to labels coming loose and becoming separated from the items.

Moisture resistant

Most labels do not offer waterproof labels. This means that if a label becomes wet, then it will change color and be damaged. It may also be difficult to peel off from the surface, even when using a tape or knife. Luckily, Brother continuous labels offer water-resistant properties that work with all printers – inkjet and laser! When printing on these labels, they are resistant to moisture in any form so they can withstand direct contact with wet hands or high humidity conditions.

Comes in different types

Brother continuous labels are adhesive labels that come in different types depending on what they’re being used for. These different types include: Brother 2205 labels, Brother 1202 label, QL Brother shipping label

Ideal for bigger packages

Brother continuous labels are best used when shipping large packages, up to 700 lbs. These oversized shipping labels come on rolls so you never run out of supply or have to bother ordering more. These are considered continuous as they produce a whole roll at once and do not require any cutting or taping.

Additional features

Brother labels are a superior solution when it comes to shipping as they can withstand moisture, smearing, temperature extremes and harsh chemicals. Whether you’re sending fragile or perishable items or documents with confidential information, these labels will withstand the rigors of being transported and keep your shipments secure.


In conclusion, if you need to ship a large volume of anything, you should absolutely look into Brother continuous labels. They can help make your shipping process run smoother and ultimately save you time and money.