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What Questions Do People Commonly Ask Related To Shipping Labels?

Shipping labels have made operations easy for e-commerce organizations. Years ago, there were many e-commerce organizations but they were not operational like today. Delivery used to get delayed, delivery was often done wrong and many other problems were faced by companies when shipping labels were not in use. Most importantly, e-commerce organizations had to put more effort into the delivery of even one parcel. 

Shipping labels have helped e-commerce businesses to grow by expediting their process. Today, e-commerce companies deliver more than before and that too at the right time. But, still, many company owners have lots of questions related to shipping labels. And due to these questions and queries, they restrict them from using this product. 

In this product, we will discuss such questions so that you can use and enjoy the benefits of shipping labels. 

Which shipping labels should I use for my e-commerce company?

There are different shipping label options available in the market. You can pick any of them as per the requirements of your company. But, the three popular options are: 

These shipping labels come with different pros and cons. For example, all three shipping labels are weather, oil, and tear-resistant. No matter how difficult the transit of the package is, these labels will stay intact strongly.  

How should I create shipping labels? Is it a costly and time-taking process?

Create labels using online tools– Just like every other thing, you should use the carrier’s online tools to create shipping labels. Search the tools on Google and see which will suit your requirements the best. You just have to visit the website, fill out the template and download the file for printing. This is a cheap option but requires lots of time as you will have to enter the details manually. 

Create labels using shipping labels software-As the use of shipping labels has increased, the developers have come up with shipping label software. You can use the best software for creating the labels. The process becomes a bit easier with shipping label software compared to online tools. But, the software can be expensive because they ask for charges after some trials.  

Create labels with shipping tool automation– With shipping tool automation, you don’t have to enter the details manually. The shipping tools will automatically aggregate order information from multiple platforms and carriers and fill the forms quickly and efficiently. This will ensure the automatic creation of shipping labels. It’s a costly but time-saving process. 

How should I print shipping labels?

For different shipping labels, different printers are available in the market. You should find out which printer is compatible with shipping labels and vice versa. If shipping labels and printers are not compatible, the result will not be good. 

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Where should I put the shipping labels on the package?

There is no specific place to stick the shipping labels on the package. It depends on the shape and size of the package. The objective is the label should be visible without any obstruction. If the package is large, we recommend using two labels so that the person delivering it doesn’t have to rotate to find the details. This will reduce the spent on one package. 

We hope you got the answers to important questions related to shipping labels.