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What is a Shipping Label and How Can You Create One?

Is the shipping label just a sticker on the package? Not at all! As an e-commerce seller, have you ever thought about how important a shipping label is? Shipping labels are a crucial element of your supply chain that’s why understanding their value is vital. So through this blog, we will understand what a shipping label is and how to make a shipping label.

What is a shipping label?

A shipping label, also known as a package label, tells so many things about the package. It includes all the critical information about the products including point of origin, destination, weight, the carrier’s name, and more. These labels are utilized by humans as well as machines to determine where the package came from, and where it has stopped during the journey.

Lack of a clear shipping label can result in transit delay, delivery to a wrong address, or even loss of the package completely. Any of the above cases leads to financial loss as well as loss of customer trust. That’s why shipping labels are extremely important.

How to create a shipping label?

If you are only shipping a few packages per week, purchasing labels from the carrier’s office is the way of throwing money away as you are paying for postage at an expensive retail rate. It also wastes a lot of your precious time as you have to stand in line to ship packages from the office. An effective way to create labels is by creating them by yourself. To do so you can print a shipping label through the carrier’s website or you can create them using the software.

Creating shipping labels through a carrier

You can manually create the shipping labels using the carrier’s website. It is not the fastest way but works fine if you are shipping a lesser number of packages. All you need to do is simply visit the website, fill out the shipping label template, and then download the files to print the label.

Creating shipping labels through software solutions

You can find an abundance of shipping label software solutions available online. Some of them follow the pay-as-you-go model which is ideal for small to medium volume sellers. On the other hand, monthly fee-based models are ideal for large-volume e-commerce sellers.

Few other things to keep in mind about the shipping labels

Special instruction

If the package requires special instructions, mention them on the label. You can use instructions such as ‘fragile’, ‘perishable’, ‘flammable’, etc.

Label placement

Place the label in a way that it is fully visible and not folded over any edges. Make sure to flatten any bumps after sticking it on the package. If you need to cover the label with tape, place it in a plastic pouch for protection.

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