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What are the uses of Brother die-cut and continuous labels?

When buying Brother DK labels, there are a lot of options to choose from. To help you avoid any confusion or feeling overwhelmed with so many options, we have created this guide for you. In this guide, we will talk about different types of Brother DK labels and their applications. But before we do that, let us introduce you to Brother DK labels.

Introduction to Brother DK Labels

Designed to work with QL direct thermal printers, Brother DK labels are counted among the most versatile labels for any application. Apart from shipping, some of them can also be used for general office use, labeling CDs and DVDs, labeling files, and more.

Brother DK labels are available in different sizes to cater to various applications. They are made of durable paper but you should always remember that they use direct thermal printing technology which means, when exposed to sunlight for long, the content printed on these labels can fade over time. So, you shouldn’t use them when you need labels to last for years.

They are compatible with a wide temperature range, i.e. -80°C to +60°C and they start showing discoloration at 80°C. While most Brother DK labels are die-cut labels, you can also buy Brother continuous label rolls when you want to cut labels to any length.

You can use non-adhesive DK labels for name badges and use labels with self-adhesive backing for file folders, signage, packages, envelopes, barcodes, and other applications.

Different Types of Brother DK Labels

Typically, there are two types of Brother DK labels:

  • Brother die-cut labels
  • Brother continuous labels

Brother die-cut labels come already cut and perforated with a fixed size, while Brother continuous labels run continuous length-wise and are cut by the users based on how long they need the labels to be. Continuous rolls are the perfect choice for those who need to cut labels to different lengths each time.

Applications of Brother Die-Cut Labels

Die-cut labels are also available in two variants: die-cut paper labels and die-cut film labels.

Die-cut paper labels are intended for general labeling, labeling office files, and simple labeling needs at home. You can also use them for envelopes, mails, folders, binders, storage boxes, badges, and shipping packages.

On the other hand, die-cut film labels are designed for applications that require more resilience, durability, and increased resistance to abrasion and high temperature. They are perfect for short-term labeling needs. These labels are mostly used for labeling CDs and DVDs.

Applications of Brother Continuous Labels

Brother continuous labels are available in three variants, namely:

  • Brother continuous paper rolls
  • Brother continuous vinyl film label rolls
  • Brother continuous removable label rolls

Brother continuous paper rolls are used for general purpose labeling needs such as files and folders, product identification, binders and folders, storage boxes, and also for professional shipping needs. The vinyl variant of Brother continuous label rolls is used for applications that need additional durability and professionalism and are typically used for displays, glass labeling, storage boxes, and cheaper-cost signage.

Unlike other Brother continuous label rolls, Brother continuous removable label rolls are available with removable adhesive backing, which makes it easier to remove the label without leaving any sticky marks on the surface. They are mainly used for temporary labeling applications, such as glass displays.

If you are looking for cheap continuous label rolls, you can buy compatible Brother continuous labels to save money on the labeling cost.