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Tips on Printing Shipping Labels for Online Retailers

Most online retailers know that shipping labels and label printers are critical components but still don’t pay close attention when it comes to their selection. Courier scanners, shipping durability, and shipping notifications all depend on those little sticky pieces that you attach to each package. In this post, you will learn everything you must know about labels and label printers.

What to Avoid

The biggest mistake many online retailers make is printing shipping labels on A4 size papers. Though it might not sound harmful or offensive, it is one of the worst ways to print labels for shipping purposes.

Do you want to know why it is so?

  • Courier scanners cannot scan labels made from regular papers. Though your package will still be delivered, you and your customers won’t be able to track it because the parcel is not being scanned at different stages.
  • A4 paper can easily damage during transit. Based on what you sell, the package might go through conditions of extreme temperatures. Besides, if the label comes into contact with excess moisture or oil leakage, it will get ruined easily.
  • You are wasting money on ink and toners. With the right printing equipment and labels, you can save a significant amount of money as they help you avoid the purchase of expensive ink cartridges.

What to Do

To make your shipping process easy and cheap, you should get the right labels for printers. If you are still using a laser printer or inkjet printer, please keep it aside and buy a thermal printer, such as Dymo Printer or Brother Printer, which is exclusively designed for labels. A thermal printer will print your labels by heating the paper instead of using the ink.

Buying a thermal printer will solve the following three issues instantly.

  • Since thermal printers are mainly made for printing labels, they will automatically align the label for easy scanability.
  • Your thermal labels won’t get damaged during transit because there is no ink to smudge.
  • The money you invest in labels for printers such as Dymo and the thermal printer will easily be recovered by the reduction in printing and ink costs.
  • You won’t be wasting more time in attaching labels because compatible Dymo/Brother labels are self-adhesive.
  • Using labels especially made for shipping purposes will help reduce errors for your courier.

You might be wondering why we are recommending you to buy a Dymo printer and compatible Dymo labels. The reason is simple. Dymo is one of the most user-friendly thermal label printers out there in the market. They are perfect for start-ups, SMEs, entrepreneurs, and e-commerce businesses. Besides, it doesn’t require any calibration as it automatically aligns labels for all couriers.

When it comes to using labels, you need specific labels to use with the Dymo printer as it requires perforations between each label and caters to labels of specific sizes. Since Dymo brand labels might seem quite expensive to you, buying compatible Dymo labels will help you save more on shipping while benefitting from all those qualities that are offered by original Dymo labels.