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Tips for Successfully Printing and Applying Dymo 30373 Labels 

In the jewelry and eyeglass industries, Dymo 30373 rolls can be utilized for a range of pricing purposes. Since these cost-effective labels print using direct thermal technology, you won’t ever have to deal with dirty, pricey ink or toner cartridges. In this blog, we will look into the features and tips for successfully printing Dymo 30373 labels.

What are the features of Dymo 30373?

Dymo labels come in a standard size; each Label Is 7/8″ In Length by 15/16″ In Width. They are rat-tailed style labels, white in color. Dymo 30373 compatible labels are smudge, oil, and water-resistant. They can withstand extreme temperature conditions and come with a sticker that can be stuck firmly on the surface.

What is Dymo 30373 used for?

Dyno 30373labels are used for labeling price tags on jewelry and eyewear. Moreover, they are also used for cable wires, cables, barcode labels, etc.

Compatibility with printers

It is compatible with Dymo printers and CoStar label writers.

 Dymo printers: 300, 310, 315, 400 Duo, 400 Twin Turbo, etc.

 CoStar LabelWriters: XL, XL+, BC, BC+, etc.

Tips for Successfully Printing and Applying Dymo 30373 Labels

To achieve optimal results when printing Dymo 30373 labels, consider the following:

When printing Dymo 30373 labels, keep the following in mind for best results:

Printer compatibility: To guarantee accurate alignment and printing, make sure your printer model is compatible with Dymo 30373 labels.

Set up the Dymo LabelWriter program: To create and print labels without any problems, download and install the relevant Dymo LabelWriter software.

Readability: Use readable fonts to ensure reading even at tiny sizes. Choose clear and legible typefaces for the text on your labels.

Maintain contrast: To improve readability, make sure there is enough contrast between the text and backdrop colors.

Barcode printing: If you want to print barcodes on your labels, make sure to print them with a resolution that will allow for precise scanning.

Print a test page: To verify layout and readability, always print a test page before a batch of labels.

Putting Labels on Things: Dymo 30373 labels must be applied correctly for packages to look polished:

Prepare the surface of the packaging: Make sure the surface is dry, clean, and free of dampness.

Peeling and precise alignment: To ensure a straight placement, carefully line the label with the packaging after removing the backing.

Put strong pressure on: To establish a strong adherence, apply forceful pressure on the label.

In case you encounter any issues during label printing or application, keep these tips in mind

  • Follow the printer’s troubleshooting guide to resolve any printing issues.
  • Follow the printer’s troubleshooting guide to resolve/adjust print settings or consider cleaning the printer heads if labels appear smudged or faded.ve any printing issues.
  • If problems persist, reach out to technical support or contact the manufacturer for assistance.


Following these printing advices for Dymo 30373 labels will help you produce effective label printing that is of a high caliber and professional appearance.