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A postage stamp can be described as a small piece of paper that has to be purchased and then displayed on an item of mail. It acts as the evidence of payment of postage and makes the mail valid and usable for the further processes. The stamps are typically printed on the custom made, special paper that shows a national designation, its value, and the domination on the front while has a sticky substance (a self-adhesive gum) on its back side.

The postage stamps pay for convenience for both the mailer (person who sends the mail) and postal officials. It more effectively aids in recovering costs for the postal service, and ultimately results in a better and a faster postal system.

Buying Process & Function

Available in different shapes i.e. rectangle, squares, and triangle etc., these stamps are usually bought from a postal administration or a verified vendor and serves the cost for its general mailing use and also for other business necessities such as insurance and registration etc. They also sometimes act as a source of net benefit to the issuing agency, chiefly when are sold to collectors who are not necessarily going to actually use them for postage.

Know the History

The history of postal service and postage stamps of the United States started with the deliverance of stampless letters; the cost of this stamp-less mail was borne by the receiving individual. It can also be understood as – before the introduction of stamps, it was not the sender – but the recipient of the mail —who used to pay the cost of postage / mail, they generally did it by giving the fee directly to the postman on liberation (delivery). The issue and usage of adhesive postage stamps sustained during the 19th century primarily for first class mail.

The Introduction of Postage Stamp Labels

The usage of postal stamps speaks its worth. Without it the whole mailing mechanism would fail and no letter transfer would be possible; when a postage stamp is so crucial, why its material should suffer? The significance of the postage stamps leads to the introduction of postage stamp labels which are robust, durable and sturdy.

After the evolution of employment of Dymo internet postage labels or Dymo postage stamp labels, the value and usage of postage service and stamps became more popular, reliable and realistic. In fact, its popularity and widespread applications lead to the global consumption of stamp label rolls which are robust enough and are available at reasonable prices at many leading online label stores!