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Important Tips to Keep in Mind While Creating Shipping Labels

Shipping and mailing labels are important aspects of logistics and supply chain management. A shipping label needs to be created and labeled properly on a package for safe and on-time delivery. Shipping labels are not as straightforward as they seem. Any mistake can result in a loss for your business and brand value. It is very essential to keep everything up to the highest standard to achieve the effectiveness and efficiency you look for your business on the logistics side.

Important Tips for Every Business dealing with Shipping Labels and Package Delivery

When it comes to creating shipping labels, there is always a scope for improvement on many fronts. Here’re some important tips for every business dealing with shipping labels and package delivery for efficient operations:

Double-check shipping information

Some mailing information on a shipping label is the key to tracking and delivering packages rightly from one location to another. You cannot take your chances to miss any of them to prevent any loss or mishandling. Review and double-check the following information to ensure accuracy:

  • The recipient’s and sender’s address
  • The package content information
  • The preferred postage class and services
  • Any special instruction for safe handling of the package
  • Additional postal services required
  • Payment information

Save postage labels in PDF form

When you are about to print your shipping label after entering all the key details and mailing information, save the postage sticker in PDF form to avoid any trouble or inconvenience in the future. 

Prefer to print in black on white labels

Colored labels may be tempted but they are not the standards to follow in logistics. It can also create confusion and lead to poor readability. Make sure to choose while labels and print all the mailing information in black for efficient uses. It ensures better readability, contrast, and scannability at different stages of package handling. You are free to print your logo or slogans in multicolor for branding purposes. 

Follow the policies of your carrier

There are some unique policies of shipping carriers for printing labels for special handling and delivery. Some carriers ask businesses to print additional labels to alert personnel about fragile or flammable content inside the package. You need to go through the policies of your shipping service provider and act accordingly.

You may cover shipping labels using transparent tapes

If you are concerned about mishandling or extreme weather conditions during the shipment, it’s better to cover them with transparent tape to protect them while keeping the visibility. However, there are shipping labels like Dymo 30336 labels that are smudge, water, and oil-resistant, which makes them an ideal choice for all general-purpose labeling applications.

It is essential to follow all the standards and safety rules to print high-quality shipping labels for your business. At Labels123, we provide high-quality Brother and Dymo shipping labels for all types of shipping applications. You can purchase these labels online as per your specific requirements and business goals. Contact us for more details.