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Should I Buy Standard or Large-sized Dymo Shipping Labels?

Dymo shipping labels come with many benefits. They are weather and temperature-resistant. Water and oil spills don’t affect these labels. And as compared to other shipping labels, the Dymo shipping labels are affordable. In simple terms, the Dymo shipping labels are perfect in every sense and in all types of work. So, undoubtedly, you should invest in them for your organization.

There are many factors to consider when you Dymo shipping labels. But, the one thing that buyers often get confused about is the size. They cannot understand if they should buy standard or large-sized labels. Also, they doubt that the size will impact their business operation and functioning.

In this post, we will try to eliminate this confusion by discussing standard and large-sized Dymo shipping labels on different parameters. 

The type of the package

To determine the size of the Dymo shipping labels for your organization, you should first determine the type of packages you deal with every day. If the size of the packages is more than normal, you should invest in large-sized labels. Small shipping labels on the large packages will not be easily visible and handling of such packages will become difficult.

On the other hand, if you deal with small packages or slightly bigger than normal packages, small-sized Dymo shipping labels will do good for you. As the parts of labels will not get folded on the edges, the details mentioned on them will be properly visible.

The look of your package

The size of the Dymo shipping labels impacts the overall look of the package. We know many customers don’t care about the label and look of the package; the only thing that they care about is the right delivery of the package at the right time. But, still, you should work on the look because some customers care about the same.

Small or standard-sized Dymo shipping labels will not look good on large packages. Also, customers will find it difficult to identify the package. Similarly, if large-sized shipping labels are used on small packages, they will look overboard. Unnecessarily, the labels will come out of the package and get torn if the size is large.

The cost of the package

With size, there will be differences in the cost of the Dymo shipping labels as well. Large-sized labels will cost you more compared to small or standard-sized labels. But, if the packages are large and the look of the package matters to you, investing in large-sized labels will be worth it. Chances are that you might attract more customers because of this.

The size of the labels increases the other costs as well. If you use large-sized Dymo shipping labels, you will need a special printer for them. You cannot print them in any printer, following the common printing rules. ‘On the other hand, the standard-sized labels are compatible with most of the Dymo printers.


There is no rule of thumb to determine the size of the Dymo shipping labels. You should know your requirements and cost to select the right-sized labels for your organization.