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Shipping Label Printers- Which Ones are Better for Use?

If you want your business to grow and succeed in this cut-throat competition era, there are a lot of things you need to account which leave a substantial impact on the image of your company. Shipping labels fall in the category of such significant things and are often overlooked by you. When it comes to delivering a large shipment successfully within the promised time-frame, you must head towards printing shipping labels online.

Dymo 1744907 Shipping labels

Labels printed with right information play a big role in making sure that the shipment is delivered at the right place safely. If your printed shipping labels have errors or their ink is smudged in transit, you will end up losing packages which eventually leads to decrease in customer satisfaction and ultimately results in bad reviews for your business. Therefore, the one thing where you should not cut corners is your shipping label investment.

So, which brands make superior quality shipping labels and printers for printing them? Here, I am introducing you with two renowned brands that consistently provide you with high quality shipping label printers that will work best for you.

First – DYMO

DYMO offers some of the premium quality label printers that are capable of fulfilling different shipping needs of e-commerce industry. You will find the consistency in quality even in lower priced options that they offer. Therefore, they make the ideal choice for smaller businesses that need to print online shipping labels but don’t have the budget for affording more expensive printers.

DYMO LabelWriter is a thermal heat printer which is suitable for small as well as large businesses. People rarely come across any issue while tearing off labels, despite lack of automatic cutter and reading the labels created with this printer.

The 4XL model lets you print broader rolls than most of the office printers can’t do. You can even use it to create labels for other products such as markers, folders, and badges. However, for shipping labels, you should use 4 x 6 labels.


  • Can handle batches of 20 labels at around 15.8 lpm
  • Can store different label formats for future use
  • Comes with easy-to-read instruction manual

Second – Brother

The long life and a number of convenient features of shipping label printers offered by Brother have made them widely used label printers across the shipping industry.

Brother TD-4000 is capable of handling 4 inch wide rolls and is highly suitable for heavy duty use. The rolls can be easily swapped out which is often a trouble with ordinary printers. It also has an automatic cutter and allows you to load two different types of roles in one go. So, you can switch back and forth between them depending upon your requirements. But, if you don’t send large shipment on a daily basis, you should not prefer this printer.


  • Comes with a small footprint
  • Can create P-touch shortcuts in software such as Word and Excel
  • Also works with thermal rolls of other print manufacturers

The best thing about using these printers is that you can buy Dymo and Brother compatible shipping labels online from other companies too at a cheaper price without compromising quality. So, your budget will not hurt you when working with printers of these brands.