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Reading about shipping labels is not so interesting but it’s important for the e-commerce companies who deliver orders to their customers. The shipping labels are a source of information for the delivery person to drop the package to the right location. With the help of the details mentioned on the labels, the shipping companies segregate the packages, maintain the inventory, track the status, schedule the delivery in different locations and maintain a proper record of the package that has been shipped. With efficient management and on-time delivery, e-commerce companies can boost their sales and improve the experience of the customers.

Brother Shipping Labels

With such importance of the shipping labels, the companies are always keen to buy the perfect labels. They are aware that if labels go wrong on the packages, the delivery will never be right and they have to suffer losses.

In the search to get the right shipping labels, most companies stop on brother shipping labels. It is a well-known brand in label production due to its quality output and affordable rates.

A few more reasons to use brother shipping labels:

  • Permanent labels– Companies do not have to replace it continuously. It can survive the adverse environmental situation.
  • Tear-resistant– The brother shipping labels can withstand the effect of tearing or any cut in different situations.
  • Smear-proof- The content on the shipping labels does not get erased or removed due to sweaty hands or oil-spill. The content is easy to read in every manner.
  • Perforated labels- The label sheets are easy to separate and use as they are perforated depending on the configurations.
  • Moisture-resistant labels– The labels are stable and information is clear even they are exposed to high humidity and changes in humidity.
  • Abrasion-resistant labels– It can maintain the surface and structural integrity under prolonged rubbing and scratching.
  • Heat-resistant labels-The brother shipping labels do not burn or melt under extremely hot temperatures.
  • Customizable labels-Companies can customize the labels and use them according to their requirements.

Things to consider before buying brother shipping labels:

The product is important for e-commerce companies so they should be careful during purchasing the same. They should be clear with answers to 4 important questions before investing in the brother shipping labels.

  1. Uses of the labels in the business- The brother shipping labels are very versatile that can fulfil various purposes but still, the companies should specify the purpose. With this, it will be easy for companies to get the right type.
  1. Think about label printing – Companies should decide on whether they wish to print the labels at home with the use of printing software or get it printed from the post office. It is an additional cost if they are going to invest in the brother shipping labels.
  1. Arrange for the printer- Investment on the shipping labels means arranging for the printer. The brother shipping labels are compatible with thermal printing where companies do not have to spend on ink and cartridges. In case companies have an old printer, they can use the same.
  1. Decide the platforms to buy- Companies havethe option of offline stores but options are restricted so companies should prefer buying it online from a reputed platform. In an online purchase, the specifications are mentioned to get the right one.

Along with these questions, companies should also consider the following points:

  • The online platform should be registered and genuine to make the order.
  • The companies should read the product specification before making the purchase.
  • They should know the term and conditions along with the return policy.
  • The companies should purchase the labels from a particular website if it provides a proper invoice and warranty on the product.
  • They should read the customers’ reviews and feedback.

Once the e-commerce companies get the shipping labels, they start using the same without knowing the correct way and they do not get the desired output. Along with printing quality, the companies should also care for the attachment of the shipping labels on the packages.

Tips to attach the shipping labels correctly on the packages:

  • Remove the old labels from the parcel
  • Clean the surface to make it smooth
  • Attach the labels keeping in mind that:
  1. Details on the labels are visible and clear
  2. Parcels can easily be scanned

So, we hope that the content will be useful for the e-commerce company owners and they will increase their productivity with the use of the brother shipping labels.