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Is Brother Shipping Labels Equivalent To Original Labels?

When it comes to quality and performance, compatible Brother continuous labels deliver the same but at original labels half cost. Moreover, there are many reasons including the cost- why you should choose compatible brother labels over original ones for your organization. Here, in this blog, we will discuss the reasons to justify that compatible brother labels can indeed give a strong competition to the original brand.

1. Quality:

Just like original ones, brother continuous labels can offer the same quality and crispness. However, if you are actually bidding on quality, you might like to go with the original DK labels from Brother. With this, you can barely face any printing defects that can boost your printer’s shelf-life. Although compatible ones can provide the same quality, the biggest drawback of choosing compatible DK rolls or drop-in labels is finding the right supplier. Therefore, to get the guarantee, look for a manufacturer with a strong reputation.

2. Cost:

If you are looking for bulk orders and memberships, purchasing compatible brother labels from third-party manufacturers, it is possible to save a good chunk of money. You can get the perk of printing quality labels that is comparable to that of a genuine Brother label at just a fraction of the cost. There is no denying that authentic brother labels are extremely expensive owing to their added branding costs. On the off chance, if you choose to go with genuine labels, wholesale/bulk and personalized orders aren’t always a possibility.

3. Availability:

When it comes to availability, both genuine and compatible brother labels are usually accessible in online outlets or retail shops. However, genuine labels aren’t always available in bulk quantity. Additionally, to buy genuine labels, you have to hit the retail stores, but you won’t be able to enjoy the wholesale prices.

4. Features:

When talking about features, both genuine and compatible labels offer the same features including the same label sizes ranging from 12mm to 103mm wide and the same temperature bearing capacities from -°80°C to +60°C. In addition to this, they are also available in continuous brother labels and pre-sized die-cut options, and adhesive and non-adhesive options. When it comes to utilization, you can use these labels in many different applications.

5. Compliance:

It is fair to say that brother compatible labels can surely meet multitudes of labeling needs for PayPal, Endicia, USPS, Manager Deluxe, Click-N-Ship®, and other shipping software. Your Brother QL label printer can produce a hefty amount of personalized labels and the standard size paper for badges, address labels, shipping labels, and many more.

To sum up:

If you are looking for top-quality labels at a reasonable price, we are here to help. When it comes to labeling versatility and applications, the possibilities are certainly endless. Whether you are looking for address labels, shipping labels, barcodes and QR codes, safety labels, or label rolls for general office and home usage, we have certainly got you covered.