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How to Use Labels with Your Label Printer

Labels are used for different purposes such as for mailing, for goods to be dispatched, branding, and for instructions on electronic items. Whatever the reason, the labels should be printed carefully and quality should be maintained. And that is why it is important to know the right way of using labels with printer.

But before you know that, there are some other important things that you must know. Choose compatible labels for your printer. Before you start printing, make sure the labels you have are designed to fit your printer. Using the wrong labels not only affects the quality of print but also difficult to load. This, sometimes, results in the labels getting damaged. So it is important that you use the best compatible labels for your printer.

Dymo shipping label

Labels can be permanent and temporary. For purpose like branding, permanent adhesive labels are preferred. But temporary can be idea for needs like mailing, goods delivery, etc. You should choose the right labels based what you want to use them for. There are many places in where you can buy different types of compatible labels at the competitive prices in the USA. For example Labels123.net which is also known as LabelsFast.us – a leading supplier of Dymo and Brother Brand labels across the country. You can also buy labels online and get them delivered at your place.

Using the right labels allows you to get quality print and reduce printing time. That is not all you get. In fact, there are a large number of benefits of compatible labels including the quick load.

If you have compatible labels for printer, follow below the simple step by step instructions to load them into your label printer.

  • Lift your the cover of Label Writer
  • Take used core off by separating spool from locking ring
  • Hold the spool in your hand to place the label roll on the core shaft so that the labels feed from underneath and the left edge of the label roll is flush
  • Place the locking ring onto the right side of the spool and press it tightly against the side of the label roll so there is no gap between the roll and the spool
  • Insert spool assembly into cradle on top cover
  • Align the left edge of the label with the left edge of the label feed slot and insert the label into the slot
  • Close the cover
  • Now your labels are ready to print

Use compatible labels for better result. Also, this reduces the printing cost and save time on printing. Choose the right compatible labels for your printer here.