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How to Use and Print Brother Shipping Labels with Label Printer?

Compatible Brother shipping labels of QL series 1050, 500, and 700 are perfect to be used for e-commerce businesses and to keep the shipping-related costs down. But, for beginners, it can be trickier to print Brother shipping labels effectively. So, today, we are sharing this guide that will help you speed up the printing process of shipping labels and make the process more efficient and trouble-free.                                                                                                                                                                                   

How do I place the black holder onto the Brother shipping label roll?

Once you get your shipping labels, you first need to figure out how to place the holder. When you buy compatible Brother shipping labels, you will also need to get a compatible holder for those labels.

The black holder is also commonly called a frame. You can easily find a compatible frame for Brother shipping labels based on the item code of the label. For instance, frame for compatible Brother 1202 labels.

Each holder comes with 3 pieces that you can easily put together using your hands. When you connect two of the three pieces together to form one end, slide it gently in the label roll with the label facing down and then press the last piece of the holder to securely lock in the label roll.

How do I insert and load shipping label rolls into a Brother Label Printer?

After locking the label roll with a compatible holder, you need to simply insert the label roll into the Brother Label Printer. Make sure that the label roll fits perfectly in the printer. Next, you will need to ensure that the label roll is rolling up the roll with the labels facing down. In the next step, you need to feed the label roll through the reader. When you print the first shipping label, the printer will adjust to ensure that the print is aligned with each roll.

My Brother Label Printer is not printing. What could be the reason?

If your Brother Label Printer cannot print, it will show a red signal to indicate that it is in ERROR mode. When you face such an issue, there could be the following two reasons behind it:

1. Settings in the label printer are not correct.

To print your compatible Brother shipping labels, you must first get the label printer settings right. For instance, if you have inserted compatible Brother Label Roll DK 2205, then your Brother P-Touch editor software must show the accurate dimensions of Brother DK 2205 labels. If it does not, select the right dimensions.

2. The label holder is placed incorrectly.

As mentioned above, you must have the right black holder/frame for printing with compatible Brother shipping labels. For instance, for printing Brother DK 2505 shipping labels, you are required to buy a frame that is specifically compatible with DK 2505 roll. Otherwise, the printer will misprint and can print between two labels. So, get the right compatible frame. If you need to carry out general troubleshooting, you can simply restart your Brother label printer and press the feed button.