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How To Stand Out Your Dymo 30320 Address Labels From Your Competitors

Have you just bought Dymo 30320 address labels? Did you know that you can make them more interesting? Even though Dymo labels look pretty plain, their white background and ease of printing make them a good choice to make things a bit more fun. Apart from printing addresses on your Dymo address labels, you can add graphics to them as well. Let’s find out how to take your Dymo label printing up a notch.

When using a Dymo LabelWriter, you can print all kinds of labels, right from address labels to shipping labels, name badges to appointment cards, and even general purpose labeling for files and documents. All you need is to know how to use the DLS software to make the label printing process a lot easier. On Dymo labels, you can print basic text, barcodes, shapes, borders, tables, and even clip art graphics. By creating a proper template with all the elements, you can save it for both present and future use.

How to Create Address Labels with Graphics?

To create address labels with graphics, here are some steps that you can easily follow:

  • For the sake of simplicity, first, use a basic template of Address Label.
  • Go into the Edit mode by clicking on the Insert tab.
  • Now, drag the Address object onto your label and resize it so that there is enough space to the left (or right, whatever you prefer) for the addition of an image.
  • Then, drag the Image object onto the label.
  • Select File as the image source and choose an image of your choice (your brand logo or something that relates to the order such as the image of the ordered item).
  • Once you upload the image, resize it accordingly so that everything on the label looks in proportion.
  • When you are satisfied with the overall layout of your template, go to the Address Book and select the address to be printed. If the address is not present in the Address Book, you can add that address and then select it.

You can modify the size, weight, and font on the label before printing and reposition both text and graphics accordingly.

So, you see it is quite simple to make your Dymo labels really interesting. Adding graphics allows businesses to create an instant impression among customers and stand out from competitors.

Not interested in making your Address Labels more appealing? Here is why you still must know how to add graphics to some labels.

Even when you are not into making your labels more interesting, there are times when you might need to add some graphics to your labels. For instance, for items that are fragile and bulky, the packaging is required to have labels with relevant precaution-related symbols. One of the most common symbols used in the shipping industry is the “This Way Up” symbol which indicates that the items should be transported in the correct upright position; otherwise, the item can get damaged during transit. Making such symbols on Dymo labels is quite simple if you follow the above-mentioned steps.