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How To Quickly Print Shipping Labels Without Putting Many Efforts?

Labels are having various uses today. With the help of these labels, it is easy to print names for standardized identifications, shipping names, and price tags. Apart from these, other utilizations include applications like bundling and packaging, VHS tapes, part containers, diskettes, and numerous other uses. They are easy to utilize and come in the market in numerous sizes to stand your need; moreover, there is high availability of cheap Dymo labels across the USA. These labels are supplied in standard sheet dimensions that fit the most commonly used printers available today in the market.

Most of the labels are made of thermal paper and are more considerable than sheets as they can be easily dispensed and most printers that are suitable for thermal printing accept them without any issue.

However, since it takes so much of time to print standard labels and the process requires many efforts. Therefore, I wrote this blog which is carrying useful information about how to quickly print Dymo labels effortlessly.

Open a new Excel sheet on your PC

Give a title to all the columns, for instance, customer’s first and last name, flat number, street name/number, city, postal code, state, etc

Now you should start filling the essential information carefully in the specified columns

Save the file and exit from Excel

Now launch Dymo label printing software

From the left side of the screen, select the label type that you want to print

Where ‘your company name’ is written, fill in the registered name of your company

Now, navigate your mouse cursor to the extreme left side of your screen and on the top, from the toolbar, click on ‘Insert’.

Go to the list of ‘Label Objects’ and click on – ‘Address’

Click, drag the address box and drop it on your label to place it

Now, resize the box as per your preference to print on your Dymo label

Select the address box, go to the toolbar, and click on ‘File>Import Data and Print> New

A pop-up window will appear on your computer screen saying ‘Getting Started’, click ‘next’

Click on ‘browse’, go to and select the Excel file you made and click on ‘open’ and then on ‘next’

Select your created address box and import the data

Now, simply pick a column and drop in the fields left blank in the address box

Once done, click on ‘next’, the last step will come asking you to ‘select data to print’, you can select either all the data or select a few columns individually using ‘checkboxes’

Once done, click on ‘Print’ button which will be located on the right lower side of your computer screen.

After this, the printer would start printing the labels, by following these steps; the process would not take more than 2-3 minutes to start the printing and else would be depending on your printer speed.