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How to Print Your Labels When You Are Selling through Amazon FBA

Amazon has become one of the top e-commerce platforms around the world where small, medium and large businesses can sell their products and benefit from its behemoth logistics facility and warehousing.

Businesses of all sizes can simplify their operation by handing over various processes like storage, delivery, returns, and even customer service available under the platform called Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

This means sellers can sell their products to millions of Amazon prime members and benefit from Amazon’s large reach. However, this also means being compliant with Amazon’s standards and processes.

Every order must be clearly labeled with a barcode to ensure that each shipment can be tracked easily. For unidentified orders, proper labeling is essential to avoid unnecessary extra charges.

So, here, we are sharing a few tips on proper labeling so that you can easily avoid unnecessary extra charges.

Simplify Your Label Printing Process

The traditional way is to create batches of delivery labels regularly and then print them on A4 adhesive paper with smooth or pre-cut labels by using an inkjet or laser printer. This method of label printing is too problematic because pre-cut paper can cause printer jams and a label can be printed at a different size than a pre-defined size. This means you have to reprint your labels. Besides, your money will be wasted on useless labels that are printed improperly.

Use the Right Printer to Print Quickly

Invest in a direct thermal label printer. This investment of one time will help you save a significant amount of money in the long-term because you don’t have to invest in ink or toner. Besides, with a label printer, your label printing process will become hassle-free, flawless, and time-saving.

Another biggest advantage of label printers is that they come with a Crop and Print barcode feature. This means you don’t have to spend on A4 sheets of labels to print multiple labels at the same time.

When you have the right printer, you can select the “Crop Print” tab in the print preferences and follow the quick steps to print. This feature is available on Brother QL and TD printers. It scans through the document, extracts each barcode, and prints them onto individual labels. Sellers who are using the service of Amazon FBA are required to print labels to attach to their products. Therefore, they can hugely benefit from this feature to extract labels present in the PDF generated by Amazon.

Using the Right Labels for Automation

When you have such a label printer that can automatically identify the label to be printed with the barcode, another thing that you need is the right label.

One economical approach would be continuous roll labels such as Brother DK 2205 or die-cut roll labels such as Brother DK 1202.

We understand buying branded expensive labels is not economical for all businesses, especially startups and small ones. Thus, to further save money, you can buy compatible Brother DK 2205 or 1202 labels as per your needs.

You may find many manufacturers online that create compatible Brother Labels. So, choose the one only after checking reviews and verifying if they are reliable.