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Are you an owner of a small business, working in a corporate company, or a parent of a school-going kid? Then you need adhesive labels to complete your tasks with ease.

Labels seem complex at first but when you get used to how they function, you will save a lot of time and effort in your work. Labels for printers are more than just stickers; they are designed to carry information like bar codes, written text, address, product details, etc.

If you have shopped online in the past, then you can recall from the package that you have received hold the information about you so that it can reach you and item details with a barcode so the sender is updated at the time of delivery. This is possible with the help of using quality and the right labels which simplify the task of both the buyer and seller.

The main purpose of labels is to simplify the time involved in writing everything by hand. There are fewer chances of errors occurring as compared to handwritten human errors.

There are two basic kinds of adhesive labels that are permanent and removable so you can choose which suits you best according to your needs.

Before you purchase labels, it is critical to understand different types of labels so that you buy only the right labels for your printer depending on your specific needs:

Permanent adhesive label

This is the least expensive adhesive which can only be removed by solvents because it is made for non-removing purposes. It is easily available and is suitable for non-polar surfaces, cardboards, corrugated boxes, etc. This is the most popular kind among small business owners.

Semi-Permanent adhesive label

The semi-permanent adhesive label is purposely made to remove from the pasted surface without creating any damage on the label, but it changes its property after a few days and gets hard and locked in the place.

Removable adhesive label

These adhesive labels can be seen on makeup and skincare products, glass displays, and many more items. Removable adhesives labels can be removed from the surface anytime and the adhesive will not stick to the surface as it will stay with the label. Retail labels must be removed at some point so that you can use removable adhesive labels.

Freezer adhesive labels

These are popular amongst food packaging retailers. A freezer adhesive label can withstand extremely cold temperatures without cracking the label and it sticks to the surface when the temperature is extremely low and can be easily removed when exposed to increased temperature. For example, the labels you see on the ice cream cups are stuck to the cup when bought but as soon as it is exposed to the higher temperature it leaves the surface easily.

To conclude, before buying any label adhesive you may always consider its size, texture, and property.

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