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Dymo 30256 labels- Frequently Asked Questions

The list of Dymo labels is very long. Every time, a new name or version is added to this list because the demand for Dymo labels is high. Not only shipping companies, but others also demand Dymo labels for different applications. 

In this list, one of the oldest names is Dymo 30256 labels. From the time it has been introduced in the industry, it has overpowered the other options. 

About Dymo 30256 compatible labels 

These labels are clustered among shipping labels, even though it’s not the standard type used for postage. Outside of the shipping industry, the Dymo 30256 labels are used in plenty of applications. The labels come with unique gap indicators, helping its namesake printers function properly. Otherwise, the labels have a clean, die-cut, round-edged rectangular shape that helps businesses to create fabulous labels for all purposes. 

The features of Dymo 30256 compatible labels are pretty clear. But, still, users have some questions related to labels. 

What’s the standard size of the Dymo 30256 compatible labels?

Generally, you will find Dymo 30256 compatible labels measuring 2-5/16”x 4”. In every roll, there are 300 labels with an inner core diameter of 1”. The size of Dymo 30256 labels is such that they fit snugly inside Dymo printers. 

What are the common applications/uses of Dymo 30256 compatible labels?

As Dymo 30256 labels are available in various colors, they have many uses in business. Also, they are highly customizable, increasing their usage. You can customize the labels as per your business needs. 

The standard postage labels today have dimensions of 4” x 6” and 8.5” x 5.5”. Sometimes, the information printed on these labels isn’t big enough to ensure readability. So, Dymo 30256 labels are grouped with shipping labels. You can use these labels for domestic deliveries or as supplementary package labels, such as warning tags for hazardous substances in transit. 

Other than this, Dymo 30256 labels are used for school badges, visitor passes, asset tags, warehouse management tags, medicine and blood bank labels, and warning labels for faulty equipment. 

Is there adhesive used on Dymo 30256 compatible labels? If yes, then is it permanent?

Yes, the adhesive is used on Dymo 30256 labels. 

The adhesive used on the labels isn’t permanent but it remains tacky for years. It means the package will be safe in transit as the label will stay intact. The adhesive will come off when mechanically removed or exposed to extreme temperatures and organic solvents. 

If you want Dymo 30256 labels to stay on for a long time, you should apply them on only clean surfaces. 

What printers are recommended to print Dymo 30256 compatible labels?

As the width of Dymo 30256 labels is 2.3”, they are compatible with small-label makers like the Dymo LabelWriter 450 Series. These printers have a maximum print width of only 2.2”. If you use small-label printers, you might encounter frequent jams and print sizing problems. In simple words, the output will not be as expected. 

To avoid label jams and have enough print space, you should use Dymo 30256 labels on Dymo LabelWriter 4XL. The maximum print width of this printer is 4.16″. 

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