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Direct Thermal Printers: Why Use it and Who Uses It?

Label printers are special-purpose printers that are formatted to print labels, tags, and barcodes on self-adhesive labels. If you print labels on a regular basis, you may wonder whether to use athermal printer or laser printer.

Most businesses prefer thermal printers over laser printers. That’s because laser printers are not optimized to print adhesive-backed media. Generally, labels printed with laser printers need to over laminated the image with an adhesive film to protect the images from smearing or smudging.

On the other hand, thermal printers are engineered to produce crisp and high-quality barcodes. There are two thermal printing methods: direct thermal and thermal transfer. Although both printing methods generate labels, there’s a big difference between them and the labels that they produce.

  • In order to produce high-quality images on a wide range of materials, thermal transfer printing utilizes a heated ribbon.
  • Direct thermal printing uses heat-sensitive media, so it needs no ink or ribbons.

Top things to keep in mind when looking for labels for printers:

Size of Shipping Labels

It is essential that your printer matches the size of the shipping labels you want to use. When selecting a size, consider the needs of the carrier you use.

Resolution and Print Speed

The resolution is a vital factor for the quality of your barcode and the readability of your shipping labels. The print speed determines how rapidly your labels are printed. An industrial label printer prints faster than a regular label printer.

Connection Between Printer and Software

It is beneficial to look at how the printer requires to be connected to your computer. You can connect most label printers via USB, but some printers have to be connected via parallel port or ethernet. Some models can connect using Wi-F or Bluetooth, making it easier to move your label printer around.

Why Use Direct Thermal Printing?

Most small and medium-sized businesses use Dymo printers. That’s because these labels for printers are smaller, quicker, and print more quietly than dot-matrix printers. Moreover, these printers are lighter and consume less power.

Because thermal printers don’t use ink or require a ribbon, they are a cost-effective option for businesses that print labels on a daily basis.

Who Uses Direct Thermal Printing?

Although many are not aware of this printing technique, you can find direct thermal printers in almost any place where you make a purchase.

Commercial applications of thermal printers also include point of sale systems, voucher printers in slot machines, and print-on-demand labels for shipping and products.

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The Bottom Line                                 

Before making your final decision on labels for printers, consider the various options you have and the pros and cons of each thermal printing technology.