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Options to Print Labels for Small, Medium, and Large Businesses

Have you recently set up an e-commerce shop and now wondering how to get your address labels printed the best way? If yes, this comprehensive guide will help you learn what choices you have to print address labels efficiently. Since the type of address label varies with the printer you have, our discussion will revolve around different types of printers that businesses use for printing address labels.

Printing Address Labels with Laser and Inkjet Printers

At first, small and home-based offices typically have access to laser or inkjet printers. For such printers, businesses need to buy A4 sheets that contain different numbers of labels based on the size of labels they need. However, it is the most inefficient choice for growing businesses to print address labels. Thus, if your business is in a growing phase, you should purchase a printer that is specifically designed to print address labels with ease and high speed.

Printing Address Labels with Dymo LabelWriter Printers

Dymo printers are extremely popular among businesses to streamline the process of printing shipping labels. Typically, they are available in two types: Dymo 450 (Turbo, Duo) which is better for printing small address labels on envelopes, and Dymo 4XL which is better for printing address labels that are big enough for courier shipping. When you have a Dymo printer, you will either need original Dymo labels or compatible Dymo labels.

Due to the perfect combination of low cost and high quality, most small businesses prefer using compatible Dymo labels. One example of a Dymo address label is Dymo 1744907. Like original Dymo labels, compatible Dymo labels also come with strong, all-temperature adhesive and fine qualities like smudge resistance, water resistance, and oil resistance.    

Printing Address Labels with Brother QL Printers

Brother Printers are also available in two types. While Brother QL-700 and QL-800 are more suitable for printing small address labels for envelopes, Brother QL-1100 is the best choice to print address labels that meet the requirements of courier shipping needs. Just like with Dymo printers, you can either buy original Brother Labels or compatible Brother shipping labels when using a Brother printer. Brother shipping labels are perfect for printing and labeling applications and also for barcode automation.

Another important thing you must know before using compatible Brother Labels is that you will also need a compatible holder or frame to correctly print those labels. Before you install the roll of compatible Brother shipping labels, first you will need a compatible frame to set the label roll on it and then you will install the frame in the printer. To learn more about it in detail, you can refer to this guide.

Printing Address Labels with Zebra Direct Thermal Printers

Zebra direct thermal printers are exclusively designed for the freight industry, and hence, a significant number of businesses around the world use Zebra brand printers for printing their address labels. It is highly reliable and durable and rarely breaks down or gets jammed with paper.

While the most common desktop printer from the Zebra brand is GC420D, the advanced Zebra printer model is GK420D. They can cater to the needs of both medium and large businesses and warehouse operations.

The good thing is that, just like with Dymo and Brother direct thermal printers, you can also buy compatible Zebra address labels and barcode labels. With permanent adhesives, compatible Zebra labels stay in place and are also resistant to smudge, water, and oil.

So, when you need to print address labels, make your choice of label printers and address labels carefully.