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Considerations to Make Before Investing in Shipping Labels

Labels are a necessity for every business that packs and exports its products. They are used to define and get orders to customers. However, they are a tough and confusing topic to new entrepreneurs. For starters, most new entrepreneurs do not know that they require shipping labels until they need to ship an order. To demystify the basic shipping labels requirements and avoid confusion when purchasing them, here are questions you should answer.

What shipping labels should you buy?

Most shipping companies use the 4X6 inches label because it is supported by most carriers and is also in line with the industry standards. The label should clearly indicate who the box is being shipped to, the shipping destination, shipping company and address as well as a tracking number barcode. However, using a label that matches with box sizes is recommended though the minimum label size should 4”x6”. This where brother continuous labels come in handy. The come in different sizes that are designed for different uses but they are mainly available in rectangular shape.

brother continuous labels

Can the labels be printed from anywhere?

Most starter e-commerce businesses package their orders from home, haul their ready shipments to their post office and wait in line for their labels to be printed. This is such a daunting and time-consuming task that may also be demotivating. Also, buying shipping labels at the post office means that you buy them at retail price which may be expensive if you have many orders. To prevent all these business hurdles, consider purchasing brother continuous labels that can be printed at home and offer different features like tear resistance and moisture resistance. Home printing has numerous advantages like saving time, saving labels purchase costs and makes work planning easier.

Do you need a special printer to print the labels?

Shipping labels can be printed using the standard inkjet printer, laser printer or a thermal label printer that does not use ink when printing. However, you must choose the right printer for your printing business needs. If you print many labels at a go, you need a printer that can handle bulk printing without breaking down. Also, you want a durable printer that will serve you for long to ensure return on investment. New entrepreneurs are advised to start off with lost cost but durable printer as they monitor business growth.

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Where should you buy business labels?

You need to identify a labels supplier who stocks a wide variety of labels and offers discounts to bulk buyers. Also, you should buy labels that are compatible with the printer you intend to use. Brother continuous labels are compatible with most printers and come in different sizes and types. If you choose the right online supplier, you will be sure to get discounts on bulk label orders.