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Can I Use Generic Cheap Dymo labels In a Dymo printer?

Yes and No. If you’ve asked this question a couple of years ago, the answer would be YES. You can print compatible Dymo labels using any of your Dymo printers. However, since 2021, things have changed a bit. In 2021, the Dymo brand launched its LabelWriter 550 series of printers that work with only Authentic Dymo LW Labels. This series of printers come with Automatic Label Recognition feature, which means it can identify if you are using a label originally manufactured by the Dymo brand or not.

If you have a Dymo printer that was launched before LabelWriter 550 series, then our answer is YES, you can still print non-Dymo labels in a Dymo printer, given that those labels are made compatible with Dymo printers.

Can I print generic labels using Dymo 4XL printer?

Yes. If you have Dymo 4XL printers, you can print generic cheap Dymo labels and don’t have to worry about anything. You don’t need to spend on Dymo proprietary labels for your Dymo 4XL printer.

The Dymo 4XL printers don’t come with the automatic recognition feature, which means they still allow you to use compatible labels in different sizes, material options, and color options – up to 4-inch width. This makes the Dymo 4XL printer one of the most versatile and valuable printers offered by the Dymo brand currently.

Why should I prefer Dymo 4XL printers over Dymo 550 series printers?

Though Dymo 550 series printers have been launched with many new features, such as label counter and automatic recognition, Dymo 4XL series printers are still the best choice for printers among businesses.

The Dymo LabelWriter 450 XL printers are still available in the market and you can easily buy them online. However, you should hurry because no one knows when the Dymo brand will discontinue its previous series of printers.

Dymo 4XL printers are the best choice for all those business owners or offices that love to save money on labels by using cheap generic Dymo labels instead of expensive genuine Dymo labels.

The benefit of using Dymo 450 series printers over Dymo 550 series printers is the ability of 450 series printers to print on a wide range of label options, including cheap Dymo-compatible labels manufactured by other companies.

What are the benefits of using Dymo 4XL printers?

The 4XL printers feature a print width size ranging from 0.5 inches to 4 inches, making it one of the best and most versatile Dymo printers. This means you can print on a wide range of label sizes for your every need.

The 4XL can print up to 53 labels in a minute, which means you can also print your shipping labels and labels for other needs fast and quickly. Besides, switching between labels is also quite easy and takes only a few seconds.

Additionally, when you use Dymo 4XL printers instead 550 series printers, you also have the added benefit of using cheap compatible Dymo labels manufactured by generic brands such as LABELS123.net and LABELSFAST.us.