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Can Dymo 99019 Labels Only be Used for Labeling Folders?

Dymo 99019 labels are large lever archive file labels, also known as, wide folder labels. As the name suggests, people mostly use these labels for labeling folders. But does that mean it can only be used on folders? Well, the short answer is no. Let us help you figure out the other creative ways you can use your Dymo 99019 labels.

Before we get on with these uses, we should understand what is unique about Dymo 99019 labels in particular.

Dymo 99019 compatible labels are 2 5/16 inches long and x 7 ½ inches wide. This makes them wider and bigger than the regular small-sized labels. It means these labels provide more space for text. They are not suitable for smaller items but are quite useful for items that need broader labels.

Here are the objects you can use Dymo 99019 labels on:

Wide Folder

Since this is the primary reason these labels are made, it has to be the first use to mention. You can use it to label the spines of lever arch files or wide folders. You can use it to write names, dates, or any other important information on the file to make it easy to identify.


You can use Dymo 99019 compatible labels to label binders as well. You can tag the spine of your binders, which will make it really easy and quick for you to organize your workplace and identify its content.

Storage boxes

If you have a lot of items kept in storage, then it can be extremely tough to keep track of the objects in each box. You can use Dymo 99019 labels to label each box. This will make your life much easier and more organized. You can easily find things in these boxes with the help of these labels.


This is another way to use Dymo 99019 labels. Labeling the shelves is an idea that not everyone thinks of or tries, but it can make your office or other places much more sorted and hassle-free. It can particularly be useful in a warehouse setting, where there may be a lot of items stored on shelves.

And Much More…

These labels can be used anywhere where a wide label is required. For any big object that you want to label, you can go ahead and use Dymo 99019 labels. For example, you can use them on large containers or boxes. You are the boss of your imagination. If you like to be organized, these labels will make your life more comfortable.

Overall, while Dymo 99019 compatible labels may be designed for labeling wide folders, they can be used for a variety of other labeling purposes. They provide a versatile labeling solution to help you be more organized.

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