Home :: Are Dymo 30336 Labels Multipurpose Labels?

Whether at home or office, the Dymo 30336 labels are used widely for different purposes. It’s said that most of the personal and professional jobs are completed without chaos because of Dymo 30336 labels. This is hard to believe because there are many labels in the market with unique and extraordinary features. But, surprisingly, it’s true. And this is the reason Dymo 30336 labels are named multipurpose labels.

Useful for a wide variety of purposes at home and office, the Dymo 30336 labels are large, die-cut rectangle-shaped labels. These labels feature black ink against a white background, making reading easy without worrying about smudging and fading. The best part is that these labels are printed using a direct thermal printing process, meaning no need for messy ink cartridges and toners to get a crystal clear print job. The Dymo 303336 labels come in rolls that contain 500 self-adhesive labels.

Uses of Dymo 303336 labels in offices and homes

In office

To label file cabinets

In the piles of files, it’s very difficult to find one important file. Also, it’s a time-taking process. So, labeling the file cabinets based on different parameters is a great idea. Here, the Dymo 30336 labels are used because they are easy to read and long-lasting. Office folks don’t have to change the labels frequently. This makes the process cost-saving as well.

To ship a parcel

In a shipping company, Dymo 30336 labels are widely used. Company owners don’t prefer other labels at any cost because Dymo 30336 labels can withstand extreme weather conditions. They are water-resistant, meaning they are safe in rains as well as high moisture levels. No matter what, the printed part stays the same and the parcel reaches the destination safely.

To prepare badges

Many companies prefer temporary ID cards for new joiners and visitors. The temporary ID cards are prepared using Dymo 30336 labels. Even if a permanent ID card gets delayed, temporary cards are conveniently used. The best part is scanning is also possible using Dymo 30336 labels for entry into the office.

At home

To label the boxes and storage jars

These are a few common things in the home. There are storage jars in the kitchen and boxes in other rooms like laundry. It’s very difficult to find things in storage jars but it becomes easier with Dymo 30336 labeling. Anyone working in the kitchen gets the things conveniently. Even if someone touches the jars with oily hands, nothing happens to the labels.

To label dustbins

In most states, the garbage is segregated based on type. For example, biodegradable and non-biodegradable garbage, medical and non-medical items, and others are kept separately. To avoid this confusion and put the right item in the right dustbin, labeling is very important. Dymo 30336 labels are used for the same because they survive all the conditions, no matter where the dustbins are placed. Even if they are placed outside, the labels will work effectively and for the long term.

Dymo 30336 labels are multipurpose. So, get them today and use them at your home and office.