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A Guide On How To Print Shipping Labels Using Brother Label Printer

While printing work might seem easy, it can be quite tedious when you need to print a huge number of labels for business purposes. As a business grows in size and starts processing more and more orders, it becomes crucial to invest in a high-quality label printer. But when you use a label printer for the first time, you might need guidance to operate it properly. In this blog, we will help you learn how to print compatible or original QL Brother shipping labels on a Brother Label printer.

How can I print labels On My Brother Label printer?

Step 1: Set Up Your Brother Label Printer

Before you start printing labels, you need to make sure that your Brother Label printer is set up properly. Apart from that, you also need to ensure that the label roll is accurately installed and set, the USB cable is connected to your computer, and all the software and drivers you need for printing labels with Brother Printer are installed on your computer system.

Step 2: Check the Indicator Lamp of the Printer

To indicate that the printer is ready to print labels, a Brother QL Tape Printer comes with an indicator lamp. This indicator lamp shows the printer status. So, if you are noticing:

  1. Green Light: Your printer is ready for printing.
  2. Green Light (Flashing): You should turn off the printer and re-install the label roll properly.
  3. Orange light: It means the roll cover is opened.
  4. Orange Light (Flashing): The printer is either cooling or its reset function is in progress. You need to wait for a few seconds before the printer is ready for printing.
  5. Red Light: It means the printer is booting.
  6. Red Light (Flashing): It indicates an error in the printer. You will need a troubleshooting guide to solve the issue.   

So, make adjustments or troubleshoot accordingly. Once you get a green light, it means you can go ahead with printing.

Step 3: Use P-Touch Editor to Print Labels

The P-Touch Editor offered by Brother offers a range of label templates to choose from. Follow the steps given below to print labels using this Brother printer-dedicated software.

  1. Open the software and pick the label type.
  2. Once you select the label type, choose the appropriate label template with the same size as your label has. After that, you can modify the info, font, layout, and design of the shipping label. If needed, you can also add tables, figures, and even images to the label.
  3. Edit the details and other features as per your requirement.
  4. Click Print and once you click that button, it allows you to modify settings before printing. At this point, you can choose to print multiple copies, auto-cut for each label, cut at the end of printing, and various other things.
  5. Then, click the Print button below on the Print screen.

In addition to P-Touch Editor, you can also print QL Brother shipping labels by using MS Office and even directly through eBay.