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5 Ways You Can Use Brother DK 1202 Labels (Other Than Shipping)

Brother labels are mainly known to be used for shipping purposes. However, some of its types, such as Brother DK 1202 labels can be used for various other purposes other than shipping. In fact, with the proper and smart use of labels, you can make your life simpler and more organized whether you are in the office or at home. In this blog, we are going to discuss the different ways you can use compatible Brother DK labels in everyday life.

1. Product Labeling

When you have different products to arrange in your office or home, you can use Brother DK 1202 labels to identify and properly arrange them. This way, you don’t have to open the packaging of each product every time you are asked something. When printing the code or product name on the label, you can also include the product’s characteristics and other important information that can make your identification process simpler and allow you to answer the queries faster.

2. Care Instruction Labeling

In the business environment, many products require extra caution while handling and during transit. So, you can use Brother DK labels to affix the necessary care instructions. Apart from this, many items are also in the inventory for repairing or refurbishing. You can tag or label them accordingly so that no used or defective items get interchanged in the warehouse. Consequently, proper labeling can help reduce the number of mistakes and help raise customer satisfaction.

3. File Labeling

In this digital age, most files are stored digitally. However, there are several crucial documents in hard copies that must be stored safely and carefully. So, if you have files to manage in your home or office too, Brother DK 1202 compatible labels are the most effective and affordable way to label and manage your files. You can include all the information needed for proper file identification on the labels. This way, the chances of picking the wrong file in hurry will be reduced significantly.

4. Barcode Labeling

Do you have items that you need to label with their barcodes in your retail store? If yes, you can use Brother DK labels to make sure that each item has its barcode and can be uniquely identified via a barcode scanner in no time.

5. Retail Receipts

Another common use of Brother DK 1202 and similar compatible labels is to print retail receipts. This label from the Brother brand has the perfect dimension to be used for printing retail receipts. While bills usually require continuous label rolls or long-size labels, you can use small-size labels for retail receipts without any fuss. It allows you to minimize the use of paper that goes into making retail receipts.

So, when you need labels for general purpose applications, buy Brother DK 1202 compatible labels as they are specifically designed for everyday life. Besides, they use direct thermal printing technology and don’t require the use of expensive ink or toner cartridges.