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5 Top Features of Dymo Compatible Labels

Are you searching for the best-quality labels? Labels are important because they highlight a product’s identity. No one wants to use labels of low quality. In reference to this, Dymo labels are high-quality labels; however, they are also expensive, raising the cost of shipping and logistics.

If you are looking for more affordable Dymo 30336 labels or any other labels that work with your Dymo printer well, you should look for Dymo-compatible labels. When using these labels, you don’t need ink and toner cartridges, which reduces the cost of printing labels significantly.

Compatible Dymo labels are pocket-friendly and easy to use for a wide range of purposes such as mailing, shipping, and file organization. In this post, we will share the top five features of Dymo-compatible labels.

5 Features of Dymo-Compatible Labels


Dymo-compatible labels are also smudge-free like original Dymo labels. Their ink doesn’t get ruined when comes in contact with moisture or is touched by hand. In other words, the printed text doesn’t get smeared easily.


A label is an easy way of product identification. When you use regular labels or ordinary paper to make labels, there is a high chance that the printed text will get ruined as soon as it comes into contact with water droplets. Fortunately, like Dymo brand labels, Dymo-compatible labels are also water resistant. However, this doesn’t mean they are waterproof.

Suitable for Extreme Temperatures:

Cheap quality labels lose their legibility and their text fades away when they are used on packages stored in hot or cold environments. As a result, you can use Dymo-compatible labels for all kinds of packages without any worries. What’s more, they also come with strong adhesive to ensure that once they are attached to a package, they don’t peel away on their own.

Shipping Safety:

It is common for labels to get torn or lose their stickiness even before reaching their destination. A reputable label manufacturer uses to pack Dymo-compatible labels in a highly protective black polybag to protect them against moisture and light.

Oil Resistance:

Dymo-compatible labels are oil resistant, which means accidental oil spillage may not ruin the text printed on the labels. This characteristic makes them suitable for use in industrial areas where oil and grease are present. This is not only the factor. Humans also secrete some amount of oil and most people have sweaty hands when handling shipping boxes, which may reduce the label’s readability. This is not the case with Dymo labels.

Whether you need compatible Dymo 30336, 30252, or any other labels, please contact us right away.