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4 Major Problems and Solutions for Dymo Shipping Label Printing!!

When the output of the product is not what you expect, you often blame the brand, quality, manufacturing of the same but never give a thought that there can be some problem from your end. Once the problem enters your zone, you plan to replace the newly bought product and get a refund but this is the solution for every problem. The same happens with the Dymo shipping labels.

The Dymo shipping labels are used for various applications but it will only be effective if the printing quality is good. If the contents on the labels are not clear, it will be of no use but it does not mean that the labels are bad. You need to check the process and the connections from your side so that everything goes smoothly.

There are chances that you might not be aware of the problems so it is challenging to handle the same when it comes. So, here in this blog, we will help you with some problems along with the solutions to get the desired output from Dymo shipping label printing.

  • Getting Smaller Prints Than Expected

The common issue is the print size on the labels. It happens that printed labels do not fill the entire that look bad or makes the content difficult to read. Here, there are no such issues related to dymo shipping labels instead you should check the settings of the printer. You should make the required changes and try again.

  • Getting Multiple Labels With Each Print

Getting multiple labels with just one command will only increase the waste and cost for your company so beware if it starts happening. It majorly happens if the label spool is loose or the optical sensor is dirty. You can resolve it by re-setting the spool or cleaning the sensor.

  • Printing Quality Is Not Good

It often happens that printing quality on the labels is not good. It becomes blurred, smudged or faded but it does mean you will open a new Dymo shipping lane roll. You should check the head and roller of the printer because it majorly happens due deposition of dirt in these parts. Once you clean them, everything will be fine.

  • Shipping Labels Getting Cut

With labels coming out of the printer, you might see cuts in the corner which often removes the major part of the content and makes useless. In case it happens frequently, you should create a custom paper size to resolve the issue. This will be done by making changes under Device and Printers settings in the system.

We hope after reading the content, you have understood the issues that you might face during Dymo shipping label printing. So we repeat our words, never blame or replace the product instead check your actions.